7 Interesting Facts About Cheese

Cheese is considered to be the most loved, consumed, and preferred foods around the world. It is a good source of calcium and should be chosen with complete care. It is good for all except those having any intolerance or allergy.

Especially, Cheese is the best addition when serving with popular foods like burgers, pizza, salad, sandwiches, steaks, or other Mexican dishes. It can either be served as a snack or an appetizer or served as the best in combination with soups, pastries, sauces, and many other dishes.

Cheese can be made from cows, sheep, buffalo, and goat’s milk and come in various varieties, ranging from low-to-high fat in composition, and mild to hard in flavor. Some of its types are as follows:

  • Whole-Milk Cheese – contains 4g-6g saturated fat per 1-ounce serving;
  • Low-Fat Cheese – made with 2% milk and contained 0% fat or skim milk;
  • Fresh Cheese – has a high moisture content, soft texture, and mild taste than matured cheeses;
  • Aged or Mature Cheese – contains firm texture and tend to be aged for six months or more;
  • Processed Cheese – has a long shelf-life and contains added ingredients such as flavor enhancers and emulsifiers and it cannot be categorized as Cheese;
  • Non-Dairy Cheese – are highly processed Cheese and suitable for those who do not consume dairy products.

Apart from other amazing benefits of Cheese, below you’ll find some interesting facts about it that you may not know earlier. Read on!


Cheese was created in 6000 BC.

Amazingly, you’ll not find any exact information regarding cheese origination or who made the very first Cheese. Studies show that Cheese was created in 6000 BC means one of our favorite food was created over 4,000 years ago. At that time, it was made from cow’s milk and goats. Historical records also indicate that Asia’s travelers brought a cheesemaking technique to Europe before the Roman Empire.


It takes 10 pounds of milk to make just 1 pound of Cheese.

The interesting fact about Cheese is that 1 pound of Cheese is made from 10 pounds of milk. If the dairy cows eat a healthy diet in return, the milk turns into delicious Cheese. Eating 90 pounds of feed every day, the cows produce approx. 2,604 gallons of milk per year which can make a lot of Cheese!


Cheese has More Than 2,000 Varieties

Interestingly, there are more than 2,000 available varieties of Cheese worldwide, and mozzarella is among the most favorite and largely consumed Cheese around the globe. It is also the most-selling Cheese throughout the U.S, followed by Cheddar.


Largest Consumers of Cheese Worldwide

Cheese lovers are dispersed all over the world, but the people of Greece are the largest consumers of Cheese worldwide. Studies show that every year, an average person from Greece consumes around 27.3 kg of Cheese, which is about ¾ of feta cheese.


The U.S is the Largest Producer of Cheese

The United States is the largest producer of Cheese in the world annually.


World’s Most Expensive Sandwich is Made from Cheese

Serendipity’s “Quintessential Grilled Cheese” made with Caciocavallo Podolico cheese is the world’s most expensive sandwich retailing for $214.


Largest Cheese-Using Fast-Food Eatery

When it comes to the largest cheese-using fast-food giant, then Pizza Hut is the one that uses approximately 300 million pounds of Cheese annually, mostly on pizza.


Hope your mouth has been filled with the love of Cheese from all this cheese talk? So, whether you are a Fried Cheese Curds lover, craving to have a generous sprinkling of Cheese on a plate of spaghetti, or want to celebrate a cheese night with the girls…you’ll love it all. Satisfy your craving with the best cheesy breakfast and lunch cuisine of Foodies Café to make your day healthy and full of nutrition. Take a cheesy start of the day, considering all the above interesting facts about Cheese. Happy cheesy day!

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