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Celebrate Your Special Day With Us

Special occasions are always important, enjoyable, worth celebrating for us. Life is short and should be enjoyed, so when magnificent momentous times come, celebrate them in the most magical way that you will remember forever. Go on vacation, make memories, explore your favorite things, and most of all, dine in style with Foodies Cafe.


Why Foodies Cafe?

A celebrated meal is always special. Our unparalleled culture, incredible cuisine and heartwarming service make every stay here exceptional. When you’re looking for an amazing dine-in, you need a restaurant that offers exclusivity and can satisfy your every desire.

Enter Our Cafe

At Foodies Cafe, your celebration would be our pleasure. From a memorable birthday meal to celebrate a special occasion, taking out time from your busy office schedule just to give time to your loved ones or to ask for a YES in a very special setting, come to us. Our perfect cuisine offers a treat for the taste buds, thanks to our magical chefs, insanely artistic creations. Enjoy delicious food combined with a perfect service.

What to Celebrate

Your special day is important to us. Meals for an exceptional day don’t have to be quick, basic, or boring. This is where we bring life to your dine-in experience. Whatever the occasion may be, the drinks on our menu, an amazing fresh breakfast in the morning, and a finger licking lunch, will definitely add a touch of class to your day.

Romantic Lunch

Are you looking for a romantic lunch in Orlando? If you’re are thinking about an ideal dining experience in honor of your special day, Foodies Cafe is the best approach. This is where romantic meals come to life. By combining seasonal ingredients from the famous burgers with modern and unique cooking styles, your special occasion will be celebrated with an incredible experience.

Foodies Cafe is one of the most outstanding places for a special occasion meal. Here you will experience an unforgettable romantic lunch with your partner, so why not treat yourself for the upcoming special occasion? For a romantic, you want a nice ambiance, surroundings, elegance and a phenomenal selection of dishes paired with fulfilling drinks. The romantic special dining experience is incomplete without an expert chef, excellent service, trained staff and possibly the most beautiful environment of all. You will experience all these things at Foodies Cafe. Bring romance to life in a gracious setting with top-notch service and delicious, mouthwatering dishes.

Special Meal

Special moments are always highlighted at our restaurant. Are you celebrating your anniversary? Enjoying your honeymoon? Spending your birthday with your loved ones? Enjoying your achievement? Make sure your special meal combines ambiance and sophistication with a unique munching experience. Special flavor combinations, fancy drinks and a sensational setting make us the perfect restaurant for your memories celebration.

Celebrate Your Anniversary

What could make your anniversary an unforgettable love affair? A sophisticated fine dining room, an intense selection of sweet desserts and remarkably trained and knowledgeable service staff make our café a heavenly dine-in. So enjoy an ideal feasting experience to mark your anniversary in style.

Enjoy Your Special Birthday Celebration

Make your birthday more than ever enjoyable, amazing day. Enjoy a fresh, authentic breakfast, lunch with a unique twist, paired with wonderful side dishes. Additionally, indulge in a premium dessert to end the day. After all, life is sweet with dessert.

It is our honor to wish you the best birthday and make your experience come alive. With us, your birthday will be full of joy. We will take care of all the entertainment on your birthday. We work to exceed your expectations and make your birthday a memorable one.

Unforgettable Meal for Two

The meal for two should be a special one. Celebrated. Adore in. It should be a long, slow, cherished, merciful process. Most of all, it should be romantic. To find all that, put together an exclusive, beautiful package and come to Foodies Cafe. Our admirable restaurant takes the beautiful day to the next level.


However, we offer an experience with wow factor every time. For your birthday, anniversary, a promotional event or just any special day, make it a memorable day with us. Foodies Cafe can book your celebration and execute your amazing dine-in experience with the finishing touches that count.

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