Come And Celebrate Independence Day At Foodies Cafe

Independence Day is all about wearing patriotic clothes, decorating the home, backyard with flags, lights, listening to the music, and inviting people over to your place for a house party,  picnic, or yummy barbecue at your backyard. Additionally, there are also beach parties, parades, music festivals, and fireworks that every town hosts on the 4rth of July. And why not? It is a Birthday of America!

Music festivals, Parades, Parties, and fireworks are all joy and fun but the top entertainment thing without every party or event is incomplete is delicious food.  When people plan to go for some outdoor enjoyment on Independence Day, usually people go for dine-in. Whether you are planning for early breakfast or delicious lunch at Foodies Cafe celebrate your Independence Day delightedly.

Here’s you’ll find all the mouth-watering dishes you need to have to celebrate Independence Day.



  • Croissant Breakfast

The freshest and rich breakfast dish that is rich and comes in the toasted form is delicious Croissants.

Independence Day

You can have some crisp and heavy cheese filling croissants that are also golden brown on the outside. Foodies’ croissants are wrapped in candied beef bacon, fried eggs, cheddar cheeses, and spinach. Foodies Cafe Hot Regular or Decaffe Coffee will add extra richness to your Independence Day breakfast

  • Chicken & Waffles

This Independence Day plans a morning breakfast with a family Foodies Cafe and enjoys delicious food. One of the most popular morning cuisine you can try is chicken and waffles.

It is the unique combined recipe for a delicate breakfast that will also make you feel full.  People also have this dish at brunch meals. However, The seasoned fried chicken on top of yummy waffles served with homemade buttermilk syrup is a perfect breakfast.  Additionally, the best drink you can have with Chicken and waffles is either hot chocolate.

  • Fish N’ Grits

People who are seafood lovers should go for Fish n grits. After some early morning parade show this Independence Day you should try Foodies Café Fish n grits.

Independence Day

You can have this treat with your friend who also enjoys deep-fried fish seasoned with a variety of flavors you. It is a mouth-watering meal serves with Foodies signature grits. After a deep-fried dish order, a  Foodies Freshly Squeezed Lemonade refreshing drink.



  • Chicken Salad Sandwich

Who doesn’t want to have a chicken salad sandwich? It is one of the American’s favorite salads in form of a sandwich. It is an ordinary yet favorite meal, especially at lunch.

Independence Day

Out of all the summer salads, a classic chicken salad sandwich is always a light favorite meal. Just a few ingredients can be transformed into a delicious, creamy salad sandwich. A classic chicken salad sandwich is always a favorite with a Foodies Sweet Iced Tea.

Foodies Chicken Wings & Fries

Chicken wings are the yummy, absolute, crispy, shiny, hot, and vinegary flavor of the awesome chicken.

Whether you want to have it in spicy or buttery taste you will love eating it with Foodies special seasoned sauce serving with house fries. Independence Day is incomplete without chicken wings, so make your holiday with savory wings.

Fish Supreme Sandwich

There are few things better than a fried fish supreme sandwich served including Fresh fish perfectly seasoned & deep-fried till golden brown with lettuce & tomatoes drizzled in Foodies house sriracha mayo served on sourdough bread on a sunny lunch at the Foodies Cafe.

People’s favorite is the fresh-tasting fish which doesn’t even take much time to make. It is the best fish sandwich in the world, Experience this supreme sandwich and enjoys your lunch. You can also pack it for your midnight meal.


Who doesn’t loves a delicious cheeseburger? One mouth-watering bite of the soft bun with an ideally seasoned meat patty, the great combination of flavorsome sauces, and a crisp pickle in Foodies burgers anyone wants to have.

Independence Day

Sometimes on holiday, there’s nothing perfect than a cheeseburger firm off the grill, piping hot, and dripping with melted cheese and seasoning.



Cakes and brownies are the most delicious desserts that can order on a perfect heavenly meal.

Independence Day


But what is all the fudge about cake vs brownie? Well, as most of us are aware of these two desserts. The cake and brownies are a sweet soft, fluffy, baked dessert,  served with your favorite coffee.


However, this Independence Day celebrates your holiday with Foodies Café and enjoys an awesome meal that will complete your day with richness and joy.

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