International Women’s Day: Women Inspiring Food

International Women's Day

What perfect day than international women’s day to celebrate the women’s influencers of the food industry? The world celebrates International women’s day on 8th March. Today is the day to acknowledge the existence of women around us. For forever in history, women have been corresponded with cooking and the other way around, but only in the domestic boundaries. Some women take the step to fight against this tactic and step forward in fields taboo to them, and some choose to transform the aspect of food completely, results in ways women came winning.

Recently food industry has aspired to highlight the modern achievements and contributions of women in food, especially chefs. However, some women have been behind for long period from some of the most powerful achievements in the food world throughout history, and there’s no excellent time to glorify them than International Women’s Day.

These women have initiated legacies that diverse from the farm-to-table movement to Southern food as a supreme way of cooking, winning awards, placing new standards proceeding that has strongly covered the way for more women to follow in their footsteps. Studying about them and appreciating their work will positively support even more keen change to come.

Aminah Hamidullah, Founder of Foodies Café

Foodies Cafe, a locally owned halal breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Orlando, Florida, is founded by a proud lady named Aminah Hamidullah. By offering a crazy combination of delicious meals for special breakfast, lunch, or brunch in her restaurant, she gained much popularity within a very short span. With a dream to make most of the healthy start of the day, she served a food-loving community with a blend of classic breakfast favorites with some traditional American dishes and an array of divine desserts and coffee at very reasonable prices.


M.F.K. Fisher’s, A Remarkable Food Writer

Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher was one of the most impressive writers of 1937 that hit the scene, reevaluate what it intends to write about food, using it as a substitute for huge cultural facts rather than as just a technique to resolve what to eat for the feast.

Once she said: “According to me, there are three basic desires, for food, reliability, love, that are so mixed, intermix, and spiraled that we cannot straightly think of one without the others. So it occurs when I write about hunger, I am communicating about love and the hunger for it, affection and the fondness of it and then emptiness for it, then the spirit, fruitfulness, and finally magnificent reality of hunger satisfied; however, it is all one.”

A single mother, M.F.K Fisher, written 15 books in her lifetime. The most focal narrative was about the world of food, and hundreds of magazine articles that pursue to motivate writers all around today.


Ruth Fertel, Founder of First Steak House

Single mother Ruth’s Chris Steak House was born in New Orleans. This amazing woman work on her dream of owning a restaurant. After a great struggle, she mortgaged her home and opened her restaurant in 1965.

By learning how to do everything from butchering to investment to serving. From the starting, she supports women, inconvenience herself to give work to other single mothers. However, with many other locations in the main international places, such as New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Cancun, she extends the steakhouse into the world chain it is today through franchising.

Fertel is the ideal of a businesswoman before her period leading up to aspiring female restaurateurs after her. Through the foundation found in her will that supports education in Louisiana and culinary capability, her legacy remains even after her death and of course, through each signature sizzling steak.


Buwei Yang Chao, Chinese Cooking Expert

Yang makes Chinese accessible to the world People can thank Buwei Yang Chao for the terms “stir-fry” and “potstickers,” which she originated in her Chinese cookbook How to Cook and Eat in Chinese in 1945.

That book was not just for Chinese recipes but also a platform for Chinese food and culture to people around the world. At that time, many magazines name it a real narrative of the Chinese cookery system, which is identical as complex as the culture that has created it.

Yang Chao pursued that work and wrote an autobiography, a review book named How to Order and Eat in Chinese to Get the Best Meal in a Chinese Restaurant. Regardless of not knowing English, Yang with the help of her husband and daughter always guides the way Chinese food is favorite internationally.


Taking benefit of this Women’s Day, let join hands to acknowledge the efforts of such women who are dedicatedly serving the community in some way or another. Though, many more iconic women in the world of food are timeless chefs known for their fearless cooking style and making different cuisine classics. Don’t you think women are born to be queens? Owing to many restaurants, a growing career in television history, and publishing great cookbooks, women always inspire us to live life choosing great paths.

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