Orlando Diners Should Still Expect to Wear Masks – Corona Virus Outbreak

Have you prepared a safe dining space? If not, do prepare for it!

Due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak, everyone lives has changed drastically either in one way or another. Especially, many restaurants and bars in Orlando, despite pulling back the coronavirus restrictions by the Government, are still following SOPs as per CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines and limiting the number of diners by mandating wearing masks inside the premises.

The Orlando Government has lifted restrictions and fines on the restaurants stemming from pandemic rules instead they wanted to ensure a confident and safe restaurant environment for the people coming to dine in with their families and loved ones.

Other owners of food chain businesses urge publically to adopt safety precautions while coming for dining in their restaurants. As all know that due to the current Corona situation, no one wants to put their lives at risk for dining out unless they are confident about the secure and safe environment inside the restaurant will be provided to them.

Similarly, Foodies Café, one of the divine breakfast and lunch eatery in Orlando, is also mandating social distancing and wearing masks when people are seated and eating. Considering safety as an ethical responsibility, they are putting their best efforts to ensure only a safe dining environment for all, regardless of what rules and allowances have been lifted by the Government.

Apart from restaurants, most of the other business owners are also following company-wide policies and protocols to provide a safe and secure environment. Whereas, other local spots are continuing to limit the number of shoppers while assuring social distancing and other SOPs. Kimberley Hellstorm, the boutique owner said:” Our health is more important than anything else.”

By following prescribed guidelines of wearing masks, frequent handwashing, keeping social distancing, and maintaining robust cleaning process in place by most of the restaurants in Orlando, they are not only gaining diner’s confidence to visit them without any risk but also encouraging them to adopt the best practices to limit Coronavirus spread.

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