What are You Planning to Eat this President’s Day

President’s Day

As February comes, the nation takes a sigh of relief at the arrival of President’s Day Weekend. Each year, the 15 February is a day to honor George Washington’s birthday, casually known in many U.S. states as President’s Day to celebrate all presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, who was also born in February. Countrywide, several businesses and schools celebrate with a day off. It is best for a winter vacation break. However, people celebrate this government President’s day by cooking a menu at home or dining out the food as the President eats.

Some of them feature seafood to honor Washington’s love of seafood. A true lover of fish, Washington celebrates President’s day with Tilapia with Green Beans. It is a protein-filled dish that is full of fresh flavors. This crispy white fish is rapidly cooked in a luxurious butter-lemon sauce, served with juicy green beans and fresh cherry tomatoes.

President Obama was born in Hawaii; therefore, he likely to have the island’s rich signature dishes. And the most famous Hawaii dish is Juicy Hawaiian Burger. The most famous Hawaii fruit caramelized pineapple is used, which makes this burger flavorful. Each patty is marinated with oregano, topped with creamy mozzarella, mixed jalapeno in mayonnaise, and season to highlight the combination of the sweet and savory flavor of this yummy burger.

President Obama also lived in Chicago before moving to Washington DC; therefore, he enjoyed some of Chicago’s best deep dish pizza. You can try Chicago’s classic Italian Sausage and Pepper Deep Dish Pizza recipe, highlighting sweet or spicy Italian sausage with fresh mushrooms, adding green bell peppers for the richness of spice, and gooey provolone, mozzarella cheese for a cheesy flavor. The best way to bake this pizza is a deep-dish pan, as the dough will rise significantly in the oven.

This weekend tries to explore different types of yummy cuisines. If you only want to have Indian cuisine, try to make a special Indian Sweet Potato Curry with Spinach and ChickPeas recipe at home tonight. It is one of the easiest recipes cooked in just 30 minutes. Curry is made with curry powder, cinnamon, sautéed with cumin. This vegetarian dish gives you the incredible flavor of vegetables and can also serve with rice.

Since many schools, colleges will be closed for president day, make it a family day and ask your children to help you in the kitchen to make a delicious sweet dish for your family. What about cheesecake pops? It isn’t sweet enough to enjoy it after a good meal. Try a quick and easy recipe. Buy a cheesecake from the nearly located store to create bite-sized pops. Then dipped them in a bar of melted chocolate and covered them in colorful sprinkles. However, you will enjoy eating this sweet, delicious, creative finger food.

President George loved to have creamy peanut soup. If you are vegetarian and want to try some new recipes, go for vegetarian presidential creamy peanut soup. This soup is made with sauteed onion, garlic, and flour peanut butter to give a thick texture. Use heavy whipped cream with vegetable broth results in a yummy soup.

Due to stress, anxiety linked with civil war and being President, Abraham Lincoln was not the big foodie. But one dish that he loves to eat is Creamy Chicken Fricassee. This dish honors President Abraham, cooked with meaty black mushrooms, white wine, sour cream, and fresh leaves for garnish. This dish is also associated with President Thomas Jefferson, also known as Jefferson’s Chicken Fricassee. He was one of the most American foodie people as he was a food lover. You can have this dish at President’s day with a hearty sauce, serve with biscuits, rice, quinoa, and pasta.

The grilled cheese was one of FDR’s favorite foods. Franklin D Roosevelt is one of the most deserved presidents of history. His quotes reveal his self-analysis and understanding of humanity’s nature and the path the American nation was on. However, this President’s day, you can go for asparagus and cheese sandwiches for the recommendation of a grilled cheese recipe. Any grilled cheese sandwich is good. But the delicious addition of covering the bread with parmesan cheese gives a little extra richness as it gets crispy.


However, now you have various ideas to have delicious, flavorful dishes at your table at the most historic holiday. Try new recipes and enjoy your meals with utmost happiness this President’s day.

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