What to Include on the Menu for Corporate Events?

Menu for Corporate Events

Informal family gatherings, such as get-togethers and kitty parties, do not need a complicated meal. Enough to get the celebration started is something substantial and full. Corporate meetings, on the other hand, necessitate specific meal planning. “Your menu for corporate events can make or ruin an event,” as the saying goes. What works for team lunches isn’t necessarily appropriate for workplace party festivities, for example.

At Foodies Cafe, we provide a great menu for corporate events that may be combined and matched to meet your unique needs. So you’ll have the perfect menu to enrich and elevate any occasion, whether it’s a welcome party for new hires, a full-day training program, working lunches, a team-building exercise, or an annual office gala dinner.

You can contact Foodies Cafe once you’ve decided on the design and topic of your event. For example, indicate the location, number of guests, seating arrangements, and so on. We can assist you in selecting the right menu for corporate events. We may also tailor the cuisine to your event’s timetable as well as the participants’ dietary needs.


Here you’ll find a list of some of our most popular suggestions for a menu for corporate events. Keep in mind that this is only a suggestion. You have the freedom to mix and match to meet your unique needs.

Menu for Corporate Events

Our objective is to assist you in selecting food and beverages that will enhance the atmosphere at your location, satisfy your guests’ appetites, and spark stimulating conversation. We offer a few recommendations for informal lunches and a sophisticated menu for corporate events that may excite your interest.


Warm panini sandwiches and delicious sandwich wraps.

When employees assemble for a noon meeting, provide a modest, healthy lunch that fills them and allows them to focus on the day’s goals. Board meetings, seminars, workshops, and team-building retreats, for example, contain informed conversations that frequently need inventiveness and open-mindedness. Choose from ham, grilled veggies, beef, chicken chipotle bacon, or California turkey club, then top it up with cookies, an interactive sundae bar, or pieces of pie.


A continental breakfast or a lunch buffet

Keep your corporate guests engaged with tasty menu items that are always ready when you need them because the cuisine at a conference may often be the most exciting part. Our continental breakfast, which can include an omelet bar or lunch buffet, will keep everyone pleased, whether it’s a networking event, press conference, or a full day of scheduled programs.

Tropical Cocktail hour 

Allow us to provide passed hors d’oeuvres or set up excellent food stations if the objective of your networking event is to spark conversation and new ideas. A tropical cuisine is light and airy, and it evokes a relaxed mood.

Plantain chips with our mango trademark cocktail with a hint of tequila are a great pairing! Include a completely open bar for the hour to ensure that everyone has something to drink.


Picnic meal cooked on the grill

We’ve been catering picnics in Wisconsin for more than 50 years, and we’re confident that our in-house trained team will offer the finest grilled cuisine you’ve ever tasted. A picnic is an obvious purpose to host a company to try different foods.

We are excited to be able to do precisely that. Our ribs are cooked right here on the premises, and our specialty side dishes are second to none. Outside, keep everyone cool with flavored water stations and a variety of lemonades.


Mini tenderloin sandwiches

It’s one of our favorite menu items right now, freshly sliced and served by our on-site chef. This easy-to-eat, delicious menu item will be a pleasant surprise for your potential clients if you’re releasing a new product. It may even persuade them to stay longer to discover more about what you have to offer.


Chicken on Waffle 

Guests will be dressed to the nines for dinner galas and evening gatherings. Give them a dinner that goes above and beyond their expectations. When served with our seasonal veggies, a duet dish of tenderloin chicken and short rib is a wonderful dinner. Our version of the Southern specialty recognized for its beautiful appearance and delicious taste is “chicken on a waffle.” Add a sophisticated touch with a personalized signature cocktail or wine sipper station.


It doesn’t have to feel like effort when you host a corporate event! It won’t be when you work with a Foodies Cafe catering business that specializes in stress-free parties with a delectable menu for corporate events. Your guests’ memories will increase corporate morale and maybe even improve the workplace.

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