Why Apple Pie Day is Famous All Over America

Apple Pie day is coming, therefore grab a fork and talk about a holiday to have an amazing yummy dessert this May 13.

Many people will always have the pleasure to avail themselves the opportunity to have a delicious piece of apple pie, especially if it is fresh and hot! Apple Pie Day is the day where you take out time from your busy schedule and fully enjoy the moment eating apple pie.

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Apple Pie Day is not satisfying that sweet tooth but fulfills the craving as well. Families spend time together, bake a delicious pie in a warm kitchen with a recipe of love, laughter, and happiness.

According to history, apple pie was not originally invented in America, but it has become so much a part of the national identity that you feel a more American dish with every bite. However, this is not only the reason for patriotism, but the various impact on apple pie represent cultural collaboration and innovation, which represent American perfection at their very finest.

This day is all about experiencing different pie recipes and enjoys baking in their kitchen. Apple Pie Day also brings many traditions together and globally offers people to enjoy the modest yet delicious apple joy in all its magnificence.

What about trying other ideas of having fun this day? You can also celebrate Apple Pie Day with more enjoyable things to do to the fullest.


Bake an Apple Pie at Home

The amazing fact about apple pies is that they are not super complicated to make, so one doesn’t need to be a master in the kitchen to make a fantastic-tasting apple pie at home. If you are looking for  smooth apple pie, here are the following tips you can also try some tips that might make your baking process easily:

  • You simply need flour, salt, and water for making the pie.
  • For the pie filling, you need apple slices, some sugar, some cinnamon, and butter.
  • Take some sweet apples and some that are tart and mix them. This makes your pie more flavorful and yummiest.
  • In many apple pie recipes, after it is put together you brush the outside of the crust with an egg wash, but one expert tip is before adding the filling, you need to brush the inside of the crust with an egg wash. This creates the pie crust no soggy.
  • For smooth and less uneven pie, after brushing the egg wash, take a few extra minutes to cover the apples into the crust.
  • For people who want to go with something super easy trick, purchase an apple pie filling can and use a premade refrigerator crust


Buy an Apple Pie 

If you are not a person who doesn’t feel like baking, don’t worry! You’ll also have a chance of enjoying the day. There are many other options for having fun with apple pie by enjoying it and sharing it with your friends and family.

For you, Foodies Cafe is the one that can make a pie, for them is possible to even skip the baking idea at home.  You can enjoy the delicious apple pies with the people closest to you and make a sweet memory with them.


What about Apple Pie Party?

Another perfect way to celebrate this sweet day is to gather your friends, relatives, and dear ones together to make a variety of apple pies using different recipes and baking techniques. This the best way to enjoy having apple pies that come from many different places and try the amazing different recipes with great joy.


However, there are numerous ways to bake apple pies, so this is an ideal time to experience new recipes that bring a modern style to a traditional thing. Or simply enjoy the old legacy of your perfect apple pie recipe that’s been baking traditionally in your family.

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